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Frequent hacks and insights from our panel of experts.  They are a diverse group of professionals from various fields and areas of expertise.  They have two things in common.  They are passionate about helping your thrive.  They walk the talk! 


Our Contributors.

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Emile Raubenheimer

Emile is a strategist, entrepreneur, and speaker with a BCom Hons in Financial Management. He is passionate about economic stimulation, start-ups, and venture capital. He serves as a partner in Siyon. In his role as a strategy consultant he has successfully driven business growth and optimization projects in various industries including central banks, national agricultural departments, and Africa operations for global lab equipment manufacturers. He believes that sustainable value is created through a clear purpose, unwaveringly supported, and enabled by passionate teams of committed and equipped individuals. Follow his blog:

Dr Eugene Kemp

Dr. Kemp is a registered Psychologist with a doctorate in Neurolinguistics, a Neurotechnology program used for changing mindsets, attitudes, habits, and improved understanding of what makes people tick. He specializes in resilience programs for companies and individuals to equip them for the challenging environment we function in. Dr. Kemp is also an experienced Doctor with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training and coaching industry. He is skilled in E-Learning, Coaching, Lecturing, Executive Coaching, and Public Speaking. His offerings are also available as virtual counseling and online support

Dr Chris Lombard

Chris holds an internationally recognized Doctorate of Leadership in Performance and Change.  He designed and developed a model that enables leaders and managers to deal with resistance to change which he has successfully implemented within various industries locally and internationally.  In a career spanning 37 years he has received both the NCP and ABSA awards for achievement in facilitation.  He was also part of the team that was awarded the Frans Edelmann Trophy for complex change. As a qualified life, business, and executive coach, Chris has enabled managers and employees at various levels to achieve their true potential and to perform in their respective roles.